Joshua Squire

Power of Redemption, Half-Excrucian Bearer of Atrocity



Properties of Redemption:
Redemption comes from within. (2)
Redemption requires a sacrifice. (2)
Redemption is always possible. (2)
Redemption shines like a beacon. (1)

Bond: I must convert Atrocity back to the service of Creation. (3)
Bond: The Excrucian Elrici Macao is my father. (2)
Affliction: Elrici Macao loves me, in his own Excrucian way. (2)
Bond: Master Thomas’ ghost still haunts me. (1)
Bond: I serve Heaven. (1)
Bond: I love Karen. (2)
Bond: I won’t give up. (2)
Bond: If someone asks for my help, I give it. (1)
Affliction: I can’t take away someone’s free will. (2)
2 unallocated Bond Points

Shine 4 (3 + 1)
Skill: Swordsmanship 3
Skill: Listening to people 2
Passion: I want to help people 2

Aspect 0: 5 MP
Domain 0: 5 MP
Persona 3: 5 MP
Treasure 5: 5 MP

Gifts: Elusive

Domain Difficulty Chart:
0. Know when Redemption is threatened.

  1. Make something appear to be redeemed, or partially redeem something for a limited time.
  2. Find out the details of someone’s redemption.
  3. Redeem someone or something.
  4. Unredeem someone.
  5. Transfer someone’s redemption to someone else. Assign a destiny to someone who has been redeemed. Redeem something normally unredeemable in a way that cannot be undone.
  6. Redeem everyone in New York.
  7. Render everyone in New York unredeemed.
  8. Render everyone in New York unredeemable.

Persona Difficulty Chart:
0. Recognize the redeemed, the redeemable, etc.

  1. Make something shine more or less. Urge someone to make or abjure a sacrifice. Make something a little more or less possible.
  2. Be an instance of Redemption somewhere in the world.
  3. Come from within something. Compellingly demand a sacrifice. Render yourself possible (if you had become an impossibility, perhaps due to Deceiver manipulations). Shine like a beacon.
  4. Do any of the Level 3 things to someone else.
  5. Make it impossible for something to escape something that currently holds it. Make something not require a sacrifice, such as a fire burning without fuel. Make something only occasionally possible. Darken something that shines.
  6. Be every instance of Redemption.
  7. Make someone a redeemer. Cause someone to sacrifice something.

Joshua Squire

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