Locus Chaliel

Locus Chaliel

The Chancel of the Angel Chaliel and her Familia. It is a mountaintop monastery at the edge of a great field of white grass, where Chaliel musters her legions of fallen warriors.

The monastery itself is a high, cold place made of steel and marble. The bridges are high and narrow not for beauty, but for ease of defense. The many cascading waterfalls like veils of tears can at any time become a torrent, sweeping whole armies off the narrow winding paths that lead to the monastery above.

The monastery serves as living quarters for the servants of Chaliel, whose duty it is to heal and train those who dwell on the plain below. The plain is populated by the souls of flawed or broken warriors, who will serve as Chaliel’s army in the final battle. These servants are commanded by Captain-Father Gerhard, whose duty it is to both protect the Chancel and direct the activities of all within.

The Chancel can be reached by hidden paths in 5-10 mountainous regions where mortals are waging war nearby.

Auctoritas: 3

Jeremiah’s Quarters

Jeremiah keeps for his own the upper floor of one wing of the monastery. Here the stone is the translucent white that Carrara marble dreams of being, and the floors are softened with woven grass mats. The rooftop is occupied by a garden: raised beds of black-and-white pebbles house woody herbs and a few precious flowers of Heaven. When time allows, Jeremiah pursues his mortal hobby of flower breeding here.

Below the garden is a library, an alchemical laboratory, and a modestly appointed cell with a bed and a prayer bench.

Joshua’s Places

Joshua keeps two rooms in the Chancel, both high atop towers in the monastery. One is small and austere, kept nearly empty except for a mat on the floor for sitting or sleeping and a stand for a single sword. This is where he usually stays when at the Chancel, wrestling with Briareos.

The other room, close to the first but in a different tower, is near as small, but feels far more human. There’s a bed here, usually unmade, with pillows and cushions scattered atop it. A comfy chair rests in one corner in easy reach of a bookcase, and there are pictures on the walls. When the fight threatens to become too much, this is where Joshua goes, after sealing Briareos in the first room until he returns, to rest and regain the strength to persevere.

Locus Chaliel

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